Reflecting on this past week, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. On Saturday July 23, we celebrated creativity, intuition, and community with the first Annual Art on The Edge Festival in Linden Hills.
When I met Kelly Wagner, psychic medium and owner/publisher of The Edge magazine, we instantly knew we were meant to create a new kind of art fair together. We knew that blending the creative talents of Minnesota artists from Everett & Charlie Gallery, and vendors from the metaphysical/holistic world through The Edge, would be a natural and powerful combination. From potters, painters, jeweler artists, tarot readers, Chinese medicine, essential oils, feng shui, authors, live music, and more, we celebrated together, brought community together, and had an all-around fun day. In addition, art demonstrations, author readings, pendulum teachings, and so much more were part of Art on The Edge. Within a few short months and the help of assistant gallery manager Dylan Marty, creative graphic designer Steve Wagner, and Cindy Torres (virtual assistant and event planner extraordinaire), we managed to create something special with a new twist on the usual art fair experience. With over 60 participating artists and holistic vendors on the street and in the secret garden, it was a magical day. So magical, we were spared the weather that was forecasted to be less than perfect for an outdoor festival. With only a short period of light rain, which one of the vendors referred to as “sparkles,” it was a beautiful day from start to finish and did not deter those attending. Maybe it had something to do with the power of positive thinking and literally standing in the street blowing the clouds in a different direction.
Anne Pryor of Lovitude™ (which means love and gratitude) is a Soul Painter. Anne gifted Art on The Edge with not one, but two, original alcohol ink paintings. She says her creations are inspired by Spirit, the highest energy in the universe. All of her paintings are blessed with essential oils and the inks are blown through a crystal straw using “Healing Breath.” The originals are for sale at Everett & Charlie Gallery and prints are also available in 11x14 and 18x24 prints, as well as greeting cards.
Sandy Forseth, a gifted chalk street artist and Community Mandala Specialist, brightened W. 43rd Street with a beautiful chalk mandala. Arriving at 6 a.m. to measure and paint the outline of the mandala so anyone could fill in the spaces with chalk throughout the day was amazing. Children and adults joined in to meditate and create a beautiful piece or art together. Sandy watched in delight and likes to say, “CommUNITY, creativity and the power of play are my jam!”
Jurema Silva, a Brazilian psychic, brought her gifts to a sold-out room for a gallery reading. Tapping into members in the audience, she shared messages from many loved ones who have passed on and answered questions through her intuitive talents.
Jim Turner, an international known award winning watercolorist, set up his easel on the sidewalk and painted throughout the festival. His Plein Air street painting captured the spirit and essence of the day. More of Jim’s work can be found in the gallery.
Dan Turpening strolled through the festival entertaining everyone with his accordion playing. Other musicians throughout the day included violinist RayCurt Johnson, and Gypsy Jazz guitarist Ryan Picone. Their musical talents brought smiles to so many, and it was sweet to watch the children (and sometimes adults) dancing on the sidewalk.
A huge and heartfelt thank you to the community of Linden Hills, the many volunteers who helped the day run smoothly with such kindness, (one vendor actually said the volunteers were like little gifts on the street) and finally to our sponsors of Art on The Edge, the Southwest Connector, Pryority Partnerships, Linden Hills Dentistry, Lakes Area Realty, BodyLabUSA, and Heartfelt.
We are looking forward to Art on the Edge 2023!
With gratitude,
Suzie, Kelly, Dylan and Team “Art on The Edge”

View more photos in online gallery.


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