Nicollet Pop-off Event and Mural

Mural painting inspires sense of community


On Saturday Aug. 13, the Lyndale and Kingfield Neighborhood Associations hosted a Nicollet Pop-off at the Twisted Hare Salon, 3401 Nicollet Ave. The main event, along with a live band, food, and art making opportunities, was a mural painting done by Habiiq Ibrahim, otherwise known as Moon Juice Art. The mural included brightly colored fungi that used the theme of Alice and Wonderland from Twisted Hare Salon, but it also invoked a sense of community. Mushrooms have large root systems connecting them together and sharing nutrients and support throughout. This is where Ibrahim mentioned that she reached the idea of using mushrooms to demonstrate community as they support one another just as neighborhoods do. She also said that she enjoys creating spaces where people can gather together and evoke conversations with one another no matter their background. This was the general theme of the event as there were also signs posted asking community members to weigh in on questions such as "What makes Nicollet Great?" and, on rebuilding, "What do you want to do and see on Nicollet?"


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