Teaming up for good

Optimism is not for the faint-hearted


Why is pessimism so compelling? Is it that we fear being disappointed?
Is it so foolish to have optimism and hope?
My experience is that optimism seldom leads to complacency. Rather, it’s pessimism that steals our energy for doing good.
So, why are so many of us making the choice to believe that the Democrats will get destroyed in the midterms? Why are we so perfectly willing to roll over in our hearts already? I don’t get it.
Sure, the Biden Agenda has been blocked by the increasingly obstructionist and treasonous Republican Party. And yes, anyone following politics also knows that two senate “Democrats” have also been in the way of even the most marginally progressive bills.
But will the trend toward the presidential party losing seats in a midterm election necessarily become the reality in this election? Are we so certain that we will re-elect this corrupt and crazy party that not only supports Q and denies the insurrection, but actively ignores every other crime we’ve witnessed, including the withholding of arms from Ukraine? Are you sure we are going to go right back into denial again? Do we really have such a low opinion of ourselves?
This brand of pessimism has been the prevailing bias since day one of our new administration, and I, for one, am tired of it.
We’ve worked so hard. Meanwhile, the moral degradation of what can no longer be recognized as the Republican party becomes more and more obvious. The Red Party keeps trumpeting their obvious lies. Their ultra-conservative Supreme Court has shown its true colors, and with disturbing ease seems ready to roll back 50 years of precedent by overturning Roe v. Wade. What next? Will they strip away the right to marry? They just might.
So, is there reason to be pessimistic? Of course. Will that benefit us in any way? No. It won’t.
Perhaps I’m a Pollyanna. But do you believe that this country has no moral compass? Do you believe that it’s wasted effort to work for justice and equality? Do you believe that there is no point to working for progress in this country, and that rather, we are destined to be the backward nation that a large number of the foolish and selfish want us to be? We have been experiencing a horrifically ugly and mendacious backlash for five years, yes. But are we really doomed?
I don’t think we are. I believe that since we first elected Obama, we have known that hope and truth and justice have a chance. I believe that truth can outweigh lies.
And let’s think critically about “the polls” for moment, shall we? Biden has a low approval rating right now. Fine. He has never been loved by the progressives, anyway. And no Red Republican is ever going to admit that a Democrat does anything right. (Contrast this to Bush’s approval rating after 9/11, when the Dems put party ideology behind us.)
Meanwhile, Biden’s every attempt at “progress” has been thwarted by the monolithically regressive Red Party, and sure - by a couple of red-Democrats, too. But do we really think that us “non-reds” are going vote in a majority of autocrats again, after what we’ve been through?
My point – my fear – is that all this hand-wringing is going to lead to lethargy on our part. If we all think we’re going to lose, then some of us won’t bother to vote. And that is how we will lose.
I, for one, plan to do everything I can to stop that from happening. I refuse to participate in this negativity.
And, I for one, am not afraid of looking foolish. If I’m disappointed, so be it, but I’d rather be disappointed than full of regret that I didn’t lead with hard work and a positive, can-do attitude.
Especially now. After 50 years of precedent, the regressive anti-abortionists are about to have their day. They’ll get their big victory. Are we just gonna go sulk? Or, are we gonna go out and elect a greater majority of non-reds than we already have, and then go pass a voting rights bill, so we can end this tyranny of lying and White privilege forever.
That future exists in a place just as likely as the one where all goes to hell, again. Do you think it will be less hellish if we start planning for it, now? Let’s create a positive future instead, and start believing in it now.
It’s time to put our own boots on. Aren’t we tired of being trampled by their ugly desire to “own the libs?” Here’s what I say:
Full steam ahead toward owning the reds.


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