Today, right now! It's the first day of the first year without my brother. He died! Myself, my sister-in-law, and my nieces – we continue to mourn. Labor Day week-end of 2021 was the last time I saw my brother alive in person. For Labor Day weekend 2022, I am being transported to Iowa for his military committal service.

Losing my brother, my parents, any of my six companion animals, each day of the first year can be hard to bear. Nonetheless, you and I are taking another plunge into the river of life experiences that is Stories and Journeys with me as writer/reader and you as reader. We soldier on!    


My Peepers experience. It's me trying to help my beloved companion animal, friend, and cat live with a cancer diagnosis. Doing this with help from the holistic Uptown Vet. There is me caring deeply. There is me grieving deeply upon his passing. As I grieve, there is me being introduced to Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D., a holistic writer and practitioner. He is speaking at the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing. He signs my copy of his latest book, "To Peepers......" My Peepers experience triggers my spirituality and healing journey as it continues to unfold today right now! 

There is a person I regard as a spiritual friend and guide among other things. Her name is Amy. Back in the day, she lost her longtime friend, Michelle, in a tragic auto accident. Death and loss can teach gratitude. I am grateful to Amy as she speaks to me through her story and journey. Amy wrote about her tragic loss and its aftermath in her Expressions by Amy blog.                                             


"...Spring of 1986 brought something unexpected. Michelle, my dear friend since seventh grade, close companion on the high school dance line and sorority sister during college, died in a car accident just shy of celebrating her own birthday of 21 years. As difficult as this time was in my life, I mark her passing to be the start of my spiritual journey.

"I began to have vivid dreams, not of Michelle, but with Michelle. I was speaking to her in my dreams. The next night I would recap of what we had spoken the previous night to confirm our interactions were actually 'real’. Some dreams were like conversations and others more surreal. One late afternoon during my period of grieving, I was concentrating on her essence. I was not asleep, but was in some altered state. I suppose I was meditating, although I was unfamiliar with that practice at the time. In any case, I saw Michelle in my mind's eye, come down and reach out her hand to me. We were to go exploring together, but as I reached for her hand I became scared, for I did not know what the outcome would be. I withdrew my hand and shook myself into a more conscious state.   

"Of course, one can argue that these dreams and visions were the result of a grieving heart and mind in search of comfort. This still may be the case. Whatever the belief, they drove me to look further into the idea of life beyond death, the soul and spirit. My curiosity was awoken." From www.delightfulhealingarts.net. See Spiritual Awakening-My Back Story, Expressions by Amy posted on 6 April 2014.                                                                                                     

I respect Amy, her story and journey as far as I know it and its impact on my story and journey. In fact, she's one of the most creative writers I have ever read. And one of the most amazing human beings I have ever encountered.

 I respect myself, my story and journey as far as I know it. Always curious Always self-aware! One of the most creative writers I have ever read. Also, amazing! We soldier on!

Prior to his passing, my brother shared with me the following story as I understand it. He was coming out of being anesthetized for the surgical removal of a kidney stone. A spirit appeared in his hospital room. The spirit said to him, "I'm finished with you. You can have your body back!"

Increasingly, I am finding more people in my life who are comfortable with sharing – sharing what I call their psychic/soul awareness and experiences.                                                                                      


 Tell yourself, tell others or tell me at news@longfellownokomismessenger.com. What are you curious about? What experiences have triggered spiritual awakening in your life? In gratitude. We soldier on!         


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