Centrists research and don’t blindly check boxes


I take exception to Mr. LaVercombe’s premise that it is the unaffiliated swing voters (his “comfortable” who are tyrants.  I think it is the strident malcontents and activists on the left and the “alternative facts” election deniers and MAGA goons on the right who are trying to impose their views on the pragmatic centrists.  The party nominating process on both sides is controlled by activist extremists who often endorse candidates too extreme to appeal to the majority of voters who are not activists.   In my opinion, selecting candidates based on their abilities and proven track records, rather than their ideological purity or diversity, is the most responsible way to go.  Rather than being “disengaged from politics,” centrists often research candidates and issues better than those who blindly check the boxes of those candidates endorsed by their parties.  And to me, “comfortable” is not a pejorative.  Comfort is preferable to conflict, contentiousness and unrest.


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