Heartcentric combines art with spiritual practice


Meet Karina Muller and Lana Gendlin Brooks of HeartCentric. The two women are dedicated to helping people connect to their intuition with the help of a pendulum. “We handcraft one-of-a-kind pendulums, and other spiritual jewelry, and coach clients on how to use them to connect to the guidance already inside of all of us,” they explained.
“Our greatest joy is seeing the look on someone’s face the first time they try using a pendulum. It’s a cocktail of astonishment, awe, excitement, and newfound awareness. We love educating our clients and those who are curious about pendulums and demonstrating how to use them. Connecting with others in this way is a big part of our approach to introducing pendulums into their lives.”
Karina and Lana accidentally discovered that they both speak Russian and came to this country as immigrants in the same year during a random conversation with a few friends.

Talk about the birth of HeartCentric.
When the two of us met during the COVID-19 pandemic while obtaining our life coaching certifications, we had no idea that we’d be finding our purpose by running a business called HeartCentric. We are the quintessential examples of two women letting go of external expectations from our families, friends and co-workers and tapping into our inner guidance to navigate our lives. By strengthening the connection to our intuition and taking action on the guidance from that inner voice, we have been able to transform both of our lives to live every day in joy, happiness and freedom. Our careers and personal lives are enormous sources of fulfillment for us. We are both corporate and nonprofit recoverees who learned that if something is in need of change, we are willing to surrender and allow our intuition to lead the way. It wasn’t always that way. We both spent decades in somewhat fulfilling careers that ultimately drained us.
It took only a few short months for the Universe to conspire and set the path to manifest HeartCentric, LLC into reality. The name HeartCentric has special meaning to us. It’s the combination of Lana’s own company called HeARTs Work Coaching and Consulting and Karina’s company, ClientCentric Consulting and Coaching.

What exactly are Pendulums and how are they used?
Pendulums are weighted tools that help you connect with your intuition and access information buried in your subconscious mind. They are powerful, tactile tools that we can see and feel working with our own energy. The pendulum is often likened to that of a radio transmitter. It’s a conduit that carries information from your subconscious mind and connects with your heart, where your intuition resides. It then transfers that information to create a physical and visual movement. This unlocks the true nature of your intuition and opens your mind to different perspectives. Think of this as an extension of your intuitive abilities that can help you connect with your soul, spirit, angels and other beings for guidance.
Pendulums are one of many tools to check in with ourselves and discover our inner wisdom and guidance. They have been around for centuries, yet the majority of mainstream society knows little to nothing about their use and value. We are on a mission to bring them to light and share how anyone seeking clarity, wisdom, and guidance can work with pendulums for success — whether in business, relationships, health, and life in general.

How are your pendulums created?
HeartCentric is founded on the principle that each one of us is unique and special. That’s why each pendulum is designed and hand-crafted by the two of us to be one-of-a-kind. Just like each soul, no two are exactly alike. We also make a necklace that converts into a pendulum, which we have trademarked as the pendulace™. Our creative process is truly divinely guided. Getting into “creative flow” to help improve our lives and live in our creative spirit is of the utmost importance to us. It is when we align our hearts with our minds and access our creativity, that we are able to bring ideas to life and bring them to market faster. That’s the underlying principle we operate on when making our pendulums.
HeartCentric Divine Creations pendulums are typically crafted with crystals, gemstones, and metals. We gravitate towards crystals and gemstones because they already hold a high vibration and offer hearing and nurturing properties. The crystals and gemstones used in all HeartCentric products are selected with intention and contain healing properties that are matched with an angel number for added guidance and inspiration.

Are there spiritual practices/beliefs attached to the Pendulums?
For centuries, pendulums have been revered for their accuracy, simplicity of use, and effectiveness by spiritual and cultural leaders, scientists, shamans, medical professionals, and many others across the globe. It is believed that they are conduits for healing enabling positive energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out.
Setting an intention before your pendulum session is a powerful way to get clear and focused on what you are trying to achieve in the present moment. It creates meaning and purpose for your desires and aligns your mind and heart.
Our online store is at We take part in many events where we create an educational and immersive experience for our clients. We have just completed the first-draft of our manuscript for our book, which explores how the pendulum, an ancient tool, can be used by everyone in the modern world. In this first book, we will cover the basics of pendulums and how to use them. Stay tuned!


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