Letting staff go

Lyndale Neighborhood Association lets staff go


Lyndale Neighborhood Association Board President Doug Herkenhoff made this announcement in the association’s e-newsletter on Nov. 28: 

“As the LNA Board of Directors, we have worked to communicate with the community throughout this year about the Lyndale Neighborhood Association’s financial and organizational challenges. This is due, in large part, to the recent City divestment in neighborhood groups. To meet these challenges, we have taken steps to ensure that our neighborhood organization will continue serving our community into the future. 

“As part of the 2023 budget, the LNA Board has approved a restructuring of the LNA Educational Program. This change aligns the expenses of the program with the income, assuring that LNA can continue serving English learners in our community in the years to come. This correction restructures the program and reduces the number of staff positions. While this change is challenging, it is our fiduciary responsibility given the fact that we cannot currently afford the relatively large staff that LNA has sustained in recent years. 

“And so it is with deep gratitude that we recognize the longtime dedication and service of Nicki Olalde and Erin Cary who have helped to grow the program over the last decade. They will both be leaving LNA at the end of 2022. We thank them for their knowledge, as well as their guidance and care of the program. We are grateful for their service to LNA and to the many students they have worked with, and supported, in our community. If you want to express your appreciation to Erin and Nicki, we will have a thank you card for neighbors to sign at the November 28 General Membership meeting held at 6:30 PM at Painter Park.

“Additionally, LNA is beginning the process of analyzing our assets (i.e., Lyndale’s various properties), including the costs and challenges of managing them, and determining what long-term sustainability goals are possible for each of them. We are continuing to explore restructuring options which include partnerships, mergers, and a thorough analysis of the work we do, and how we do it, in our community. Given LNA’s current financial position, downsizing our program staff is not the only step we need to take to create a financially secure future for the Lyndale Neighborhood Association and we are looking forward to listening to the community about the key questions and considerations we should be taking into account as we plan for this time.

“To this end, LNA will present a budget overview at the Nov. 28 LNA General Membership Meeting, and we invite all community members to join us. We ask that you come prepared to share your ideas and the considerations that you hope the board will be taking into account at this critical time.”


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