Be curious and attend Art on the Edge July 22


Have you ever met someone and wondered, “Why are we suppose to meet?”
Does it make you wonder as to why your paths have crossed? Are you curious if you had met at in a different time and place if the connection would be there or not? Sometimes we meet people casually and just keep moving with our life not taking the time or effort to really see them or let them see us. Life is busy. Life is full. Life keeps moving.
But what if we took the time, just a moment to take that breath and ask more? Ask yourself or ask others.
Be curious.
A couple years ago at an event in my art gallery, Everett & Charlie, a woman came in and I was immediately struck by her energy. I could feel her presence even before I saw her, and I instantly had a knowing that we needed to meet. She had the same observation of me. We chatted briefly that perhaps we had met before and laughed that maybe our lives had crossed in another lifetime. In this moment, we were both inquiring as to the reason for this serendipitous meeting. Asking questions, I quickly learned this woman was/is a psychic, gifted intuitive, all around fabulous person and, yes, curious. I’m talking about Kelly Wagner, owner of The Edge Magazine.
If I had not taken the moment to ask about her, ignored the energetic pull, been passive or not had an open mind, so many opportunities would have been missed. Like the pure joy of knowing each other (again) and the magical creation of the Art on The Edge Festival. Be curious.
Art on The Edge is a beautiful blend where Art meets Metaphysical. A street fair for the curious. Join us in Linden Hills for our second annual event on Saturday, July 22, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the wonderment. There will be over 50 vendors with crafts and talents to share, interactive street mandala, live music, food trucks, and great community.
Have you very been curious about tarot cards? Are you interested in knowing a painter’s technique? Do you want to learn the meaning of mandalas and help create one?
Then come, be intrigued, be nosy, ask questions. Be curious.
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