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Spending time in nature helps reduce stress. There are many scientific studies that have found it can help lower blood pressure, anxiety, and evoke a feeling of relaxation and positivity in us. Paintings of nature can be created simply to display the beauty of the natural world around us, to connect us to nature, and has the potential to make us feel good.
We love nature and enjoy the feeling of it around us, but how do we get the natural beauty into our homes or offices? Landscape paintings are the perfect piece of art to connect us to nature. There is something spectacular about scenic pieces that help us reconnect with nature or let us drift away with a warm feeling and sense of wonder.
Meet Lisa Fertig, an award-winning artist and art instructor who is insanely passionate about sharing the beauty of art. Her paintings of nature (and abstracts) will not only brighten your living space, but make you feel good too.
“Art has enriched my life, and I have happily dedicated my entire career to fine art. I began my artistic journey at the Fine Arts Program at the American Academy of Art in Chicago before moving to further studies at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Atelier Lack in Minneapolis. I have been fortunate enough to train under nationally renowned artists. My works can currently be seen in galleries throughout Minnesota, as well as businesses and private collections. I find it most rewarding to create custom pieces for clients by learning about their artistic interests and preferences and working hands-on with them to design a tailored piece for their home or office.”
Lisa’s artistic style
Never one to be confined or limited, Lisa’s art style is multi-faceted. She creates both abstract and realistic fine art.
Her representational work embodies response to the environment, particularly to the countryside and to the shades, shadows, and colors of early mornings and late afternoons. As she paints, she recalls and re-experiences the peace and freedom of the open air as well as the spectacular and captivating qualities of the great outdoors. This meditative act of creating art about real places inspires and centers
Lisa in her life.
When painting in abstract, Lisa travels inward, exploring and responding to progressions of thoughts and emotions deep within her mind. Free of visual constraints, these intangible introspective meditations take no recognizable form. Instead, they manifest themselves as successive, unfolding, and spontaneous adventures in color, texture, and composition.
Lisa has a studio in the Northrup King building in Northeast Minneapolis and at various galleries, including Everett and Charlie in Linden Hills (
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