Bulk Drop Sites

Bulk drop sites for the Connector

Drop by one of these locations for a copy of the Southwest Connector. (Updated 3/18/22)

Washburn Library 5244 Lyndale Ave
Bob's Java Hut 2652 Lyndale Ave
Humm's Liquor 2126 Lyndale Ave
Wedge Co-op 2105 Lyndale Ave
Sebastian Joe's (Uptown) 1007 W Franklin Ave
Walker Library 2880 Hennepin Ave
YWCA (Uptown) 2808 Hennepin Ave
Ragstock 1433 W Lake St
Linden Hills Library 2900 W 43rd St
Sebastian Joe's (L H) 4321 Upton Ave
Dunn Bros (LH) 2814 W 43rd St
Dunn Bros (Xerxes) 5008 Xerxes Ave S
Everett & Charlie 2720 W 43rd St Suite 103
MGM Liquors (Excelsior Blvd) 3058 Excelsior Blvd
Caribou Coffee (Excelsior Blvd) 3044 Excelsior Blvd
Great Harvest Baking 4314 Upton Ave S
Turtle Bread (LH) 3241 W 44th St
Linden Hills Co-op 3815 Sunnyside Ave
Kowalski's (Lyndale) 5327 Lyndale Ave
Holiday Gas (Xerxes) 5601 Xerxes Ave S
South Lyndale Liquors 5300 Lyndale Ave
Nicollet Hardware 3805 Nicollet Ave
Speedway (Kingfield) 4000 Lyndale Ave S
Lake Wine & Cheese 404 W Lake St
Cheapo (Nicollet) 2600 Nicollet Ave
Good Grocer 2650 Nicollet
Speedway (Cedar Isles) 3800 W Lake St
Five Watt (Lyndale) 3350 Lyndale Ave S
Giant Wash Coin Laundry 2325 Lyndale Ave S
Cub Foods (Windom) 5937 Nicollet Ave
Pizza Luce (Uptown) 3200 Lyndale Ave
Marathon Gas (Uptown) 3200 Lyndale Ave
Tao Organic Foods 2200 Hennepin Ave
Speedway (Nicollet) 3453 Nicollet Ave
Gray Fox Coffee (Uptown) 1477 W Lake St
Dunn Bros (Ecco) 3348 Hennepin Ave
Lowry Hill Liquors 1922 Hennepin Ave
Aliveness Project 3808 Nicollet Ave
Birch Bark Books 2115 W 21st St
Coffee & Tea Ltd 2730 W 43rd St