Election results in Southwest Minneapolis

Katie Cashman
The Southwest area will see few changes in city council representation following the Nov. 7, 2023 election results where all 13 Minneapolis City Council seats were on the ballot. All the incumbents were reelected. Katie Cashman narrowly won the seat being vacated by Lisa Goodman.
Ward 7, that includes Stevens Square-Loring Heights, Bryn-Mawr, Cedar-Isles-Dean, East Isles, Kenwood, Linden Hills, Loring Park, Lowry Hill, West Maka Ska, is the only southwest ward where there will be a new council member starting in 2024. The incumbent, Lisa Goodman, did not seek reelection. Katie Cashman was elected over Scott Graham with 4,055 to 3,878 votes in the final round of voting, with 37.5% of registered voters in the ward turning out.  
In ward 6, that includes some of Stevens Square-Loring Heights, there were four candidates. Jamal Osman was reelected with 2,500 votes in the final round. Other candidates were Kayseh Magan, Guy T. Gaskin and Tiger Worku. Ward 6 had 15,644 voters which is 31.5% of registered voters. 
In ward 8, that includes Kingfield and Lyndale, there was a 42.4% voter turnout. Jenkins won by only 38 votes over Soren Stevenson with 3,894 to 3,856 votes.  
In ward 10, that includes East Bde Maka Ska, East Isles, Lowry Hill East, South Uptown, Whittier, there was a 33.1% voter turnout. Aisha Chughtai defeated three challengers, Bruce Dachis, Nasri Warsame, and Greg Kline, and was reelected with 3,828 votes. 
In ward 11, that includes Tangletown and Windom, there was a 28.1% voter turnout. Emily Koski was elected over Gabrielle M. Prosser with 5,259 out of the 5,972 votes cast.   
In ward 13, that includes East Harriet, Armatage, Fulton, Kenny, Linden Hills, Lynnhurst, there was a 41.2% voter turnout. Linea Palmisano was elected with 6,563 votes. Trailing her were Kate Mortenson at  2,387, Zach Metzger at 771, and Bob Carnet at 224 votes.  

Offices On the Ballot

On the ballot in Minneapolis

All of the city council members are on the ballot this year. Because of the redistricting process completed in 2022, every Minneapolis City Council member will be up for reelection this year to serve a two-year term. In 2025, council candidates will be back on the ballot returning to the traditional four-year term. And this will be the first time the 13 city council members will be elected following major changes to the city charter (the City’s constitution).

Who is on the ballot in 2023?

Aug. 15 was the last day for candidates for any of the 13 city council wards to file to be on the Nov. 7 municipal ballot.  The following candidates listed by ward and in order of filing date, have filed to be on the ballot in southwest Minneapolis wards. 

Ward 7: Scott Grahan, Katie Cashman and Kenneth Foxworth

Ward 8: Andrea Jenkins, Soren Stevenson, Bob Sullentrop and Terry White

Ward 10: Nasri Warsame, Bruce Dachis, Aisha Chughtai and Greg Kline. Ward 11: Emily Koski and Gabrielle Prosser

Ward 13: Kate Mortenson, Linea Palmisano, Bob Carney and Zach Metzge

Plan Ahead

Minneapolis election calendar

Early voting period September 22 - November 6(closed October 9)
Vote early in-person
Vote early by mail
Early registration deadline Tuesday, October 17
Registration deadline is 5 p.m. if registering by paper and 11:59 p.m. if registering online. If you miss this deadline, you can still register on Election Day or through the absentee voting process.
Register to vote
Recommended deadline to apply for a ballot
Tuesday, October 24
Apply for a mail ballot
Deadlines to return your mail ballot
Tuesday, November 7
Ballots sent in the mail must arrive on or by November 7.Ballots dropped off in person due by 3 p.m.Ballots delivered using a service (Fed-Ex, UPS, etc.) due by 8 p.m.
How to return your ballot
Election Day Tuesday, November 7
Polls open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Find where you vote
Election results Wednesday, November 8
Ranked choice voting tabulation will begin the day after
Election Day for any races where an unofficial winner cannot be announced on election night.

Learn More

2023 Minneapolis city council candidate forums

The League of Women Voters Minneapolis is co-sponsoring forums this fall with community organizations. The forums will include candidates for City Council representing Wards 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 13.

The forum series is as follows:

The forum series and co-sponsors is as follows:

  • Ward 1: Oct. 4. 2023, 7 to 8 pm; candidate meet & greet 6:30 to 7 pm; Northeast Recreation Center, 1530 Johnson St NE; Co-sponsors: Logan Park Neighborhood Association, Northeast Park Neighborhood Association, Waite Park Community Council
  • Ward 3:  Sept. 21, 6:30 to 7:30 pm, candidate meet & greet 6 to 6:30 pm; Minneapolis Central Library, 300 Nicollet Mall; Co-sponsors: Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association and North Loop Neighborhood Association
  • Ward 3:  Oct. 23, 7 to 8 pm, MCN6 Studios, 1229 2nd St NE; Co-sponsors: Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association, Sheridan Neighborhood Association, St.  Anthony West Neighborhood Association
  • Ward 5: The video recording of this forum conducted on Aug. 24 is available for viewing at the League of Women Voters Minneapolis website (lwvmpls.org)
  • Ward 4:  Sept. 20, 6:30 to 7:30 pm, North Market Community Room, 4414 Humboldt Ave N; Co-sponsors: McKinley Community Council, Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization
  • Ward 6:  Sept. 14, 7 to 8:30 pm, Brian Coyle Center, 420 15th Ave S; Co-sponsors: Ayada Leads, Cedar-Riverside Community Council, Elliot Park Neighborhood Inc., Make Voting a Tradition (NACDI), Seward Neighborhood Group
  • Ward 7: Loring Park /Downtown Area– Sept. 28, 5:30 to 8 pm, The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, 410 Oak Grove St; Co-sponsors: Citizens for a Loring Park Community (CLPC), Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association, The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis
  • Ward 7 Neighborhood Area–Oct. 12, 7 to 8:30 pm, Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church, 2020 W Lake of the Isles Parkway; Co-sponsors: Kenwood Neighborhood Association, Hill and Lake Press, Cedar-Isles-Dean Neighborhood Association (CIDNA), West Maka Ska Neighborhood Council, Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association, East Isles Neighborhood Association
  • Ward 8:  Oct. 3, 7 to 8:30 pm, candidate meet & greet afterwards, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center, 4055 Nicollet Ave S; Co-sponsors: Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood Group, Kingfield Neighborhood Association, Lyndale Neighborhood Association, Make Voting a Tradition (NACDI), Community Power MN, Ayada Leads
  • Ward 10: Oct. 2, 6:30-8 pm, Abyssinian Cultural Center, 3rd Floor 322 W. Lake St; Co-sponsors:  Ayada Leads, Community Power MN, East B'de Maka Ska Neighborhood Association, Make Voting a Tradition, MN Youth Collective, South Uptown Neighborhood Association, Whittier Alliance
  • Ward 11: Sept. 27, 7-8 pm, candidate meet & greet 8 to 8:30 pm, Mayflower Church, 106 East Diamond Lake Road; Co-sponsors: Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood Group; Hale, Page, Diamond Lake Neighborhood Group; Tangletown Neighborhood Association; Windom Community Council; Community Power MN
  • Ward 12:  Sept. 13, 7 to 8 pm, candidate meet & greet from 8 to 8:30 pm, Longfellow Recreation Center, 3435 36th Ave S; Co-sponsors: Nokomis East Neighborhood Association, Longfellow Community Council, Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association, Make Voting a Tradition (NACDI), Ayada Leads
  • Ward 13:  Sept. 6, 6 to 7:30 pm, Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church, 5025 Knox Ave S; Co-sponsors: Fulton Neighborhood Association, Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association, East Harriet Farmstead Neighborhood, Armatage Neighborhood Association, Kenny Neighborhood Association, Linden Hills Neighborhood Council.

All forums will also be live streamed and video recorded for later viewing.  Go to the League of Women Voters Minneapolis website (lwvmpls.org) to find the link to live stream or view the recording. All candidates filing for office will be invited. LWV Minneapolis will not conduct candidate forums for any uncontested races. 

Candidates will respond to questions on a wide variety of issues of concern to voters. This event is free and open to the public.

The League of Women Voters Minneapolis is cosponsoring this event with local co-sponsors to bring nonpartisan voter education to the community. LWV does not support or oppose candidates for office or political parties.

Email Questions in Advance or Submit at Event

            Voters attending the forum have the opportunity to submit written questions for the candidates. The League also has an email (vote@lwvmpls.org) for voters to submit questions in advance. By League of Women Voter policy, the identity of the person asking the question is confidential. Any questions submitted via email will remain confidential with all identifying information removed before the event. Audience members also can submit questions in writing at the event.

View Recordings of 2023 City Council Candidate forums  

Links to the recordings for all 2023 City Council candidate forums already held can be found at lwvmpls.org/for-voters/.

The League of Women Voters Minneapolis, a nonpartisan 501(c)3 political organization, encourages informed and active participation of citizens in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Membership is open to all citizens. Membership information will also be available at the Candidate Forum.

For more information, please contact Elisabeth Hanson at vote@lwvmpls.org.

The League of Women Voters Minneapolis, a nonprofit 501(c)3 political organization, encourages informed and active participation of citizens in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. LWV does not support or oppose candidates for public office or political parties.


Lavish Mack enters Ward 13 race

Zachery Metzger, also known as Lavish Mack, is running for the Minneapolis City Council seat in Ward 13.
If elected Metzger says he is committed to donating half of his city council salary to local non-profits to truly stay connected to the people.
With a progressive campaign, Metzger is focused on making Minneapolis become a beacon of what is possible. As a life long southsider, Metzger has made a career out of fighting for this vision and the needs of the people. "We envision a Minneapolis that invests in the needs of its people. These needs include affordable housing, structurally supported public safety alternatives, protecting our green spaces and expanding social protections that protect all our residents," he said. Metzger has led campaigns, created laws and organized movements that have created lasting change. He has worked deeply with community and in the capitol as a legislative aide, with major policy wins, such as The Beyond Bullying Bill which ensures schools are safe learning environments for every Minnesotan, no matter their race, religion, sexuality, gender, or disability
Since 2020, Metzger has been deeply rooted in the community, dedicated to justice, and creating real change. He says he is committed to continue the selfless work needed to make a difference. More at www.zachforthepeople.com.



The Messenger and Southwest Connector reached out to local candidates with questions on a variety of issues. Here are the responses of the candidates who responded. Any who respond after our print deadline will be added as they come in.


Vote 411

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