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Volunteers are key to pulling together the annual Woofstock event in Linden Hills.  The energy they put into the community event helps it run smoothly.
Positive energy meets canine energy
I think about energy a lot. I wonder: How much energy does it take to bark!? I mean, it kind of looks like it would take a lot of energy, if I were to suddenly yell that loud and urgently. . . I …
Hercules, an Olde English Bulldogge, had his tail cut off by a breeder at a young age before he joined the Peter family.
Dogs don’t need cosmetic surgery
I’ve had three family dogs that I can remember in my lifetime. Hunter was a yellow Labrador, Hercules an Olde English Bulldogge, and now, Smokey, our German Shepherd mix. When I was growing up, …
Madison Weissenborn holds three-month-old Llasa prior to a free adoption day event on Dec. 9, 2022 meant to clear out the shelter before Christmas.  Weissenborn is the volunteer and community partnership coordinator at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control.  (Photo by Tesha M. Christensen)
Not the pound you think you know
The Minneapolis city animal control facility isn’t the grim place many picture.“For a long time, this place would have been called a pound with all the negative aspects that …
The Team Larry House Band performed at Woofstock on Saturday September 10, 2022 hosted at Sheridan Ave S & W 43rd St.
Teaming up for good
It was sunny and 70 degrees for the 17th Annual Linden Hills Woofstock, and the pooches were not to be disappointed. Nor were the fans of The Disappointments, the latest teenage rock group coming …
Volunteer Gail Frethem plays with Tupelo at the shelter. (Photo by Penny Fuller)
Longtime Feline Rescue volunteer Nancy Miller writes monthly newsletters and works as a shift lead. “I love this work because I see first-hand the difference that volunteering makes in the …

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Festive Foods to Skip or Pick for Your Pets According to a Veterinarian
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