2017–2022: Six Years of NPP20 accomplishments


Rooted in racial and economic equity, the 20-Year Neighborhood Park Plan (NPP20) is transforming parks across the city. This long-term initiative resulted from a historic agreement between the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) and the city of Minneapolis to reverse years of underfunding for more than 150 neighborhood parks.
So far, NPP20 directed $20 million to rehabilitation projects like roof and sidewalk replacements, HVAC upgrades, and lighting and accessibility improvements; and $32.5 million to capital investment projects like playgrounds, athletic fields and pools.

17 Completed capital investment projects
NPP20 capital investment funds are allocated first to parks where they’re most needed, based on park equity rankings that are updated annually.

2017 - NPP20 Year 1
Bossen Field Park: play area; basketball court; additional parking and paths; new and renovated athletic fields
Cedar Avenue Field Park: new play area surfacing, relocated amenities
Powderhorn Park: new wading pool; three renovated play areas (equipment, surfacing)

2018 - NPP20 Year 2
Northeast Recreation Center: new building
Phillips Aquatics Center / Phillips Community Center: pool renovation, building addition, new pool, parking lot, building rehabilitation and upgrades

2019 - NPP20 Year 3
Painter Recreation Center: building-wide repairs, upgrades
Peavey Field Park: three-court basketball complex, play areas, multi-purpose field, central promenade, site grading, stormwater management, lighting
Central Gym Park: athletic field, basketball court, playground, paths, gathering space
North Commons Water Park: major equipment replacement (for re-use in upcoming rebuild)

2020 - NPP20 Year 4
Folwell Park: play area, renovated tennis courts, paths, athletic field and path lighting
Cleveland, Farview and Lovell Square parks: play areas, community garden space and other flexible-use spaces

2021 - NPP20 Year 5
Currie Park: basketball court, improved play area, splash pad, restroom building
Bassett’s Creek Park: east side play area, picnic facilities, landscaping
Kenny Park: renovations to play areas/equipment, additional new play equipment
Stewart Park: 6,000 square-foot multi-use field, paths, fencing, drainage improvements

2022 - NPP20 Year 6
Construction completed
Perkins Hill Park: all-wheel pump track, natural-surface bike skills trail open this summer
Phelps Park: splash pad opens in June, following play area, landscaping, lighting, other improvements completed in 2020
Construction begins
Farwell Park: play area, other improvements
Hall Park: play area, bike skills course and more
Jordan Park: pool, restroom building
Painter Park: skate park, gathering spaces, paths, landscaping, sport courts

8 Additional projects *
1) 28th Street Totlot
2) Cedar Avenue Field Park
3) Corcoran Park
4) North Commons Park: community center, water park, playground
5) Powderhorn Park
6) Sumner Field Park
7) Victory Park: splash pad, other improvements
8) Whittier Park
* due to staffing constraints, not all funded projects have launched

Repairs and renovations
NPP20-funded rehabilitation projects are prioritized based on repair, restoration or replacement needs, along with park equity rankings and other factors. When possible, projects are combined for efficiency and cost savings.
• 9 roof/siding replacements at recreation centers, other park buildings: Brackett - roof, Farview - both, Logan - roof, Longfellow - roof, Luxton - both, Whittier - roof; Loring - maintenance roof, Cavell - restroom roof, Godfrey House - siding
• 11 recreation centers or park buildings with major repairs and updates: Audubon, Bossen Field, Bryant Square, Farview, Fuller, Kenwood, Logan, Lyndale Farmstead, Matthews, Painter, Phillips
• 13 parks with lighting replacements or repairs: Audubon, Bossen, Bryant Square, East Phililps, Elliott, Farview, Folwell, Fuller, Matthews, McRae, Lake Nokomis, Powderhorn, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
• 20 recreation centers with HVAC replacements or interior electrical/lighting upgrades
• 26 parks with accessibility improvements at parking lots, pathways and entries to recreation centers
• 46 parks with new or renovated athletic fields or sport courts
• 56 parks with play equipment repaired or replaced
• 66 parks with concrete path repairs/replacements


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