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In 2011, Our Streets Minneapolis hosted its first event on two miles of Lyndale Avenue. Since then, over 575,000 people have attended Open Streets events. After a pause in 2020 and a scaled down event in 2021, Open Streets was back in full swing this year to showcase the creativity, diversity, and culture of Minneapolis through local businesses, community groups, artists, and more. Our Streets Minneapolis hopes to continue focusing in on specific needs of each individual neighborhood and bringing community together. Their website states, “We always strive to do better for the communities we serve: listening, learning, and taking action to make Open Streets Minneapolis events places where everyone feels supported, celebrated, and welcomed.” To find more about Open Streets Minneapolis, visit

(Photos by Chloe Peter)


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  • MinnieHaha

    I have to wonder where all the traffic went while this went on and how that impacted residents on side streets. Lyndale is, or was, a major thoroughfare and principal alternative route to 35W, and as such, is hardly appropriate for such a "festival," which could easily have been held on Aldrich Avenue. As the center of a huge metropolitan area, the whole state, Minneapolis is always going to draw a lot of traffice, as long as there is a downtown, or culture there. And the population keeps growing. Traffic will never go away, and has to be accommodated. Fighting traffic means hurting the city's economy. And once people are driven away, they may never come back. It doesn't take much. And after all the rioting and destruction of the last few years, much more has to be done to draw people back.

    Monday, July 18, 2022 Report this