Friends of Minnehaha park group forms

Richard Kronick (far right) discusses the seven flour mills that used to be located on Minnehaha Creek during a presentation on June 10, 2023 at Washburn Library.   It was the first event by the fledgling Friends of Minnehaha Park. Susan Glenn  is in the process of lining up additional speakers and creating a website for the city’s newest friends group. The Friends of Minnehaha Park (FoMP) Stewardship Agreement with the Park was approved on June 13. “The agreement is focused on the natural environment and engaging with the public to promote park stewardship and knowledge of the natural environment at the park,” explained Glenn. “That means that we will be able to partner with the park to organize stewardship events, and recruit partners and volunteers through networking and social media.” 
Glenn (at right) explained on a social media post: “Well I guess retirement didn’t suit me. I have a new project. I’m working on starting a non-profit, @Friends of Minnehaha Park. It’s one of my favorite places, a greatly loved destination for many people (more than 850,000 annually) throughout Minneapolis and the entire region. But it’s sorely in need of some community involvement and support.
“I put on my librarian’s hat and did some research and a lot of networking. There is no existing Friends group supporting Minnehaha Park. Really? In contrast, Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, another Regional Park and local treasure in Minneapolis, has a Friends group that is in its 71st year!!
“Everyone I connect with agrees that Minnehaha Regional Park, home of the majestic 53-foot Minnehaha Falls, is a gem. I’m hoping to find others, who like me, are passionate about the park and consider it to be a beautiful and sacred gathering place of natural beauty, historic significance, and local and regional importance to the community, which enhances our quality of life.
Check out our Facebook page at “Friends of Minnehaha Park.”  (Photo by Tesha M. Christensen)


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