Money can buy the right to speech


I enjoyed Donald Hammen's last article in the Messenger. To me, yes, money is speech in many circumstances, but not all. What most prominently comes to mind is Twitter. In many ways, this platform is open to everyone but not all. Me, I choose not to waste my time with the nonsense some people write on this platform. What I know, however, is that if your name is Elon Musk, money, $44 billion to be exact, will in fact give you the right to speech. It has allowed Mr. Musk the ability to pretty much control the banter on this site and who can participate. He can probably cut anyone off if he wants and he can promote others, like say, our 45th President if he wants, all for the modest price of $44 billion. Most cable, supposed, news sources have the same advantage whether it be FOX, MSNBC or CNN.
So you see, money has very loud speech. Probably way more than any of us care to hear. This is just my take.
Thank you,
Cheryl Hunstock


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