Teaming up for good

‘Summertime Acoustic’ returns to Linden Hills


In the spring of 2020, when the social distancing mandate was putting restaurants and shops out of business and driving the rest of us nuts, a team of friends pulled together to create a wonderful thing for the neighborhood.
Everett & Charlie Art Gallery owner Suzie Marty, Harriet Brasserie owners Fernando Silvo and Kalinka Mazurkevicz, and building owner/climate activist Felicity Britton figured out a way to help the businesses in Linden Hills while also providing a public space for neighbors to safely socialize in a comfortable and inviting outdoor setting.
The Brasserie is next door to Felicity’s building that houses the art gallery, as well as the Wild Rumpus Bookstore. It already had a lovely outdoor patio – but it only seats on a few tables. So, during COVID-19, people started to congregate outside on the benches near the sidewalk. As those benches began to overflow every night, Felicity decided to open her entire driveway to the cause.
Suzie Marty stepped up to decorate the brick alley wall with paintings from her gallery, and then – the icing on the cake – she started inviting her friends to play music at the driveway curb cut to entertain all of us desperate for connection and live music.
Linden Hills Summertime Acoustic was born.
Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening, and Sunday brunch, shoppers and diners heading toward Tilia, Martina, Naviya, Zumbro, Sebastian Joe’s or the Brasserie will be treated to a slice of what music lovers know and love about Minneapolis.
This summer, you will hear recording-quality classical and modern fingerpicking from Greg Herriges and Elgin Foster. Django Reinhardt-style guitar work from Ryan Picone, and Latin guitar from Mike Salovich. Cello music from Michelle Kinney. You might hear accordion or washboard.
Singing? Do you like singing? Clouds So Swift be playing and singing acoustic versions of American music from early Appalachia though 40s and 50s jazz standards – and everything in between. And beloved Linden Hills House of Music owner and friend-to-rockers-of all-ages Brad McLemore will sing and play acoustic guitar on both cover and originals.
And, that’s just in the first month!
On Sundays, violinist RayCurt Johnson will play every other Sunday brunch; while Dave Dvorak, Peter Ruddy, Vittorio Raimondi will perform on Sundays in between.
And on Thursdays, the Team Larry House Band (two guitars, harmonica and fiddle) will welcome special guests all summer long. Drop by to see local singers roll out a song or two, or to hear musicians sitting in or and getting backup from the House Band.
All summer long... Whether you are shopping for art or jewelry or clothing or gifts, you can stroll through and listen to a tune or two. And if you don’t want to buy a thing but just want to meet neighbors and listen to music – all are welcome to stop by.


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