Travel inspires local jewelry artist


Tell me a little about who Amy Sabatier of Amy Sabatier Designs is…

Let’s start with where you are from…
Excelsio, Minn.

Tell us about your career as jewelry designer…
It’s a career that took some time to arrive at!
I double majored in political science and Russian with a concentration in international relations. I married French and procreated in Germany where we lived for seven years in Dusseldorf, Germany, returning to the U.S. in 2007 with a five year old. I have spent time working in the plastic compounding industry, tutoring English while in Germany, working in the creative teacher’s center for a school district in Pennsylvania, making and packing handmade chocolates locally (yes, total bucket list and probably 10 pounds of gain). Fast forward 20 years or so and I arrived back at my passion for jewelry and the story that it follows. Happy to be here and the evolution continues as I constantly add new skills and technique to my work.

Explain your technique/creative process…
Working with my hands has always been a part of my life. Since I could move I have been collecting skills and creating things. Minnesota, with its extensive art community, has very much influenced my work. Adventuring and travel inspiration have been working their way into my pieces. I create jewelry that I like to wear first and foremost, and then I share them. My recent focus is making pieces that invoke a story I want to tell or maybe a message I’d like to convey. Each piece is a chapter of that story. There is always an ongoing list of creations being planned on paper and in my thoughts. I am ever grateful to be an art warrior and a student of life and travel.

Tell us about the materials you use and why…
This small business is a passion realized for me. I carefully choose my tools, supplies and stones in an effort to support other artists along the way. I seek out U.S. turquoise mines and, in particular, high-quality stones. I practice traditional metalsmithing using my hands, a torch and limited tools. My pieces are meant to reflect these handmade intentions and are therefore one-of-a-kind.

What motivates you to create ?
What doesn’t?!! I actually feel unwell if I spend too long away from creating. I rely on it!

How is your art important to others?
I think each person connects to my work for their own reasons and I love this. Also, I think the stories behind my work, the traveled-to location inspiration and the longing to wear a piece based off a place they love to go.

Do you ever have creative blocks and how do you overcome them ?
I do. Especially if I’ve been away for too long. I overcome by forcing myself to the bench to create something that I make often vs any OOAK

How many hours go into an average piece ?
Depends on the piece. Maybe 2-12 hours.

Where do you see your designs 10 years from now?
I hope to see them being treasured, worn and loved. I hope to move solely into the OOAK collections based on my trave in the next 10 years
Amy’s jewelry designs can be found at Everett & Charlie Gallery in Linden Hills, on her website and at various other retailers and art fairs.
More at
instagram @amysabatierdesigns
mobile 484-798-5794


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