Election results in Southwest Minneapolis

The Southwest area will see few changes in city council representation following the Nov. 7, 2023 election results where all 13 Minneapolis City Council seats were on the ballot. All the incumbents were reelected. Katie Cashman narrowly won the seat being vacated by Lisa Goodman.
Ward 7, that includes Stevens Square-Loring Heights, Bryn-Mawr, Cedar-Isles-Dean, East Isles, Kenwood, Linden Hills, Loring Park, Lowry Hill, West Maka Ska, is the only southwest ward where there will be a new council member starting in 2024. The incumbent, Lisa Goodman, did not seek reelection. Katie Cashman was elected over Scott Graham with 4,055 to 3,878 votes in the final round of voting, with 37.5% of registered voters in the ward turning out.  
In ward 6, that includes some of Stevens Square-Loring Heights, there were four candidates. Jamal Osman was reelected with 2,500 votes in the final round. Other candidates were Kayseh Magan, Guy T. Gaskin and Tiger Worku. Ward 6 had 15,644 voters which is 31.5% of registered voters. 
In ward 8, that includes Kingfield and Lyndale, there was a 42.4% voter turnout. Jenkins won by only 38 votes over Soren Stevenson with 3,894 to 3,856 votes.  
In ward 10, that includes East Bde Maka Ska, East Isles, Lowry Hill East, South Uptown, Whittier, there was a 33.1% voter turnout. Aisha Chughtai defeated three challengers, Bruce Dachis, Nasri Warsame, and Greg Kline, and was reelected with 3,828 votes. 
In ward 11, that includes Tangletown and Windom, there was a 28.1% voter turnout. Emily Koski was elected over Gabrielle M. Prosser with 5,259 out of the 5,972 votes cast.   
In ward 13, that includes East Harriet, Armatage, Fulton, Kenny, Linden Hills, Lynnhurst, there was a 41.2% voter turnout. Linea Palmisano was elected with 6,563 votes. Trailing her were Kate Mortenson at  2,387, Zach Metzger at 771, and Bob Carnet at 224 votes.  


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