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Ridiculous take. Now you are blaming the board for not closing the Hiawatha Golf Course. Forgot the black history of the course, Stephanie Musich has, Meg Forney has. Easy to reduce Hiawatha GC's black history to a plaque. Once in 10 year event? You forgot a zero, once in 100 year event! Next time it happens you nor I will be here. Sorry those in the Save Hiawatha 18 camp are not following your slave mater mentality, and we are not falling in line. There is like 10 parks with in a mile or so from the course. You are saying none of those parks can handle the new recreation you speak of? I grew up at McCrae Park, under used, and I never see it being used, yet we are not talking about closing it down. Once a lively park full of kids, now sits empty most of the time. The golf course houses all the youth high school golf teams on the South side, runs youth programs like First Tee that serves the underprivileged youth black, white and all. My kids started their golf lessons at Hiawatha. People come from all over to play, practice and meet at the course. It is a gathering place, is it too many black people in one place? These micro aggressions are what black people have been dealing with from white people for centuries. Anything that is deemed ours has to be shut down or reduced to a size white people can deal with. The failure of the park board is not putting the money in all the course, not just Hiawatha GC. I will not understand why the park board has yet to build a club house at Meadowbrook as mandated by the city of Hopkins 5 plus years ago. Minneapolis Country Club has offered to purchase Meadowbrook GC many times, and the park board/city turned them down. Reducing Hiawatha golf course will take millions, why not use those millions too improve ALL the golf courses to allow them to turn more of a profit. Instead they continue the fight to close the only South Mpls golf course in the city of Minneapolis. Meadowbrook is in Hopkins, Tho Wirth is in Golden Valley, Francis A. Gross is in St. Anthony, Fort Snelling is that Minneapolis? Only Columbia (NE Mpls) and Hiawatha GC's are in Minneapolis proper, every other course is somewhere else. No one talks about that, because that is where the white people are. Black Lives Matter sign looks good on a sign in your front yard, while you are in the backyard white washing black history. A plaque, give me a break. That is what black history means to your group.

From: Faced with controversy, park board once again fails to govern

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