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Living intentionally


With Memorial Day around the corner, we as a community, country and individuals take time to honor those who have served and died in active military service. With wars raging in various parts of our world, I also include an intention in my own mindfulness practice for optimal well-being and outcomes for all those negatively impacted by the many traumas caused by violence.
How can I use my intentions and influence to contribute positively to this world? How do I live my best life no matter what arises in the present moment? The words of Mary Oliver’s poem from “The Summer Day” comes to mind, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Creating intentions helps you clarify what is most important to you and who you want to be in the world. Intentions provide a roadmap for you to live an authentic, healthy, and empowered life. Living with intention aligns your choices with your values, goals, and visions. Easier said than done! Here is an excerpt from my book, “Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming.”
The process of being human is amazing and complex. Why do people having similar experiences react so differently? Some people are resilient, happy, and satisfied, living from their strengths, passions, and gifts. Others with comparable circumstance are miserable and think they are victims. The unseen world of beliefs, intentions and thoughts have profound influence on the small decisions we make every day.
What gets in the way of living by your intentions? Take a few minutes to consider any self-sabotaging behaviors, self-talk, inner criticism, or limiting beliefs that negatively impact you. Where do you see lack, unworthiness, scarcity, or feel stuck? Change does not occur without the discomfort and sacrifice of leaving old beliefs, meanings, and habits behind. Living your best life takes intentional choice.

Here are a few more considerations as you clarify your intentions:
What matters most to you?
What does your ideal future look and feel like?
What are your intentions to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy?
What do you intend for creating and sustaining positive meaningful relationships?
What inspires and energizes you?
Do you live in balance, giving and receiving generously?
What are you grateful for?
What no longer serves that you are willing to release?
How can you incorporate reflecting on your intentions on a regular basis into your life?
We are also setting intentions in our community together. I believe we are in a time of enormous potential for positive transformation and growth. When you imagine an ideal future in our world, what does that look and feel like to you? Here are of few of my ideas noted in another excerpt from my book:
When we relax and trust the process of the birth quake occurring in humanity as a natural progression of development, we open our imagination to create and innovate. By doing this, we are more capable of intentionally participating in impacting who we are becoming as we transition into this new era of being human. This process involves co-creating a new paradigm together. We focus on envisioning a future that supports the highest good for all beings. We are invited to give our allegiance to the dawning of what is beginning.
I continue my intentions for the transition from what I call the ‘old era’ into a ‘new era’ in my book, as well. I feel the old era crumbling. It is messy and painful. Can you feel the expansion of the possible qualities of a new era? Let’s set our intentions for the future together.
You matter. Your intentions matter. How are you intending to create a life you love personally, interpersonally, and professionally?


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