'Rudy (in his red hoodie sweater) makes our lives better'


"As someone who lived alone for many years, my dogs and cats have always been an important daily life-line for me, providing consistent companionship, instantaneous cuddles, and immense comfort. My dogs also provided around-the-clock security duty, barking at every passerby—human, animal, vehicle—on the sidewalk or street. My terrier Lucky (now several years over the rainbow bridge) even intervened on the burglary of a neighbor’s truck many years ago by waking me in the middle of the night and demanding I let him outside where he incessantly barked at sounds that were outside of my human auditory range. A flip of the backyard light switch revealed the source of his concern and aided in scaring off the intruder.

"Now happily partnered with someone who shares my great love of animals, we not only share a home, but the deep love of a sturdy chihuahua named Rudy, who not only provides all the above-mentioned canine services, but a constant source of conversational topics. 'Hey, did Rudy eat all of his food without having to be hand-fed?' 'Oh look, Rudy’s flipped on his back. Better give him another tummy rub.' 'It’s so cold out. Should Rudy wear his red cable-knit hoodie today or his brown down vest?' While these conversations are sometimes as short as a one-sentence question followed by a one-word answer, I’m fairly convinced we’d have long-ago run out of things to say to one another during this time of pandemic ‘over-togetherness’ had it not been for Rudy. He brings us great joy, laughter, and lightness— as best friends often do—something we humans can surely use more of during these times, and always.
Submitted by Cari Lombardi, Longfellow resident


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